Farm House Development

How to develop farm house, how to prepare landscape design in farm house, how and where to plant plants according to Vastu, in which direction to plant, how to maintain plants, at what time interval, add fertilizers, seeds, medicines, when to add weed killers, complete information about all these will be made available to you.

Agriculture Market

Complete information about how to earn more profit from fruits and vegetables produced in agriculture according to the season, in which you can earn more profit by planting which crop in rainy season, which crop in winter can earn more profit, which crop and fruit can be more profitable by planting in summer season, thereforeComplete information about and analysis of complete information related to planting and maintenance of crops will be made available to you.


How much profit can be earned from time to time by planting which crops in agriculture and horticulture, as well as which vegetables, crops, cereals, pulses, where they will be sold, how they will be sold, how they are being supported by the government for storage, what are the subsidies of the government, what kind of schemes are running, analysis of all the information will be provided.

landscape development

How to do landscape design, where and according to which plants should be installed, which plants should be planted by making a mount, which type of grass should be planted at which place, where to plant, complete analysis of plants and complete information will be made available.

Tree Plantation Program

In the Plant Planting Campaign, on which schemes subsidy is being provided by the government, how many plants are being made available, where the government's Planting Campaign is going on, where it will be run in the coming time, analysis and information will be made available.

Environmental Protection Program

Along with the information about all the programs being given by the government in the environmental protection program, how can the Planting Campaign save the environment, how can it be protected, what appropriate steps can be taken to protect it, and how can you cooperate in it as wellAnalysis will be made available along with information about how you can cooperate in the following schemes and projects being run by the government.

Exotic Vegetables & Farming

How to cultivate foreign vegetables, where to sell them, how to produce them, where to market them, how to sell them and which foreign vegetables can be grown in your country, complete analysis information will be made available to you.

Organic Farming

It is of utmost importance in the concept of agriculture. Organic farming is the need of everyone in today's time, but farmers are using chemicals indiscriminately for the sake of more profits. Even after getting rid of all these, how can we get more production in organic, as well as the benefits of organic farming, as well as its market cap 'market and its benefits, as well as how to plant a small garden at home as organic farming, as well as how to maintain the plants at home, their numberWhat is required to be applied, at what time weeding, weeding and cutting should be done along with the analysis of complete information will be made available to you.


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